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Use high grade Weed Barrier Landscaping fabric and
galvanized rolled top edging for a professional installation

    Install a quality weed barrier landscaping fabric under rock and mulch to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds and grasses. A good fabric will  be strong enough to withstand the heavy stress of application, porous enough to allow water and air to pass freely to the soil, and able to block out the sun light that will allow weeds to grow. We sell the professional grade PolySpun Weed Barrier fabric that you need for your landscaping project. This fabric can also be used under patio and walkway installations, flagstone and pavers, and as a soil barrier behind retaining walls. 
    Install edging at the perimeter and between different materials. Countersink edging into the ground far enough so that the top of the edging will match the grade of the new material.  Overlap each piece of edging a few inches and use a edging pin over both pieces together. Heavy gauge edging works well for long straight or gently curving perimeter while medium gauge works better for tight bends and curves. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have. 

                                                 Landscaping Fabric - PolySpun Weed Barrier
Professional Grade             - Pro-Tough Weed Control         - Superior Water and Air Flow

 3'x 50' (150 sq ft)  $17.95 roll  4'x 300' (1200 sq ft)  $119.95 roll
6'x 300' (1800 sq ft) $179.95 roll   9'x 300' (2700 sq ft)  $269.95 roll
Fabric Pins   $0.19 ea. 
10 pins for each 100 sq. ft. of fabric is recommended.

                                                        Edging - 4" x 10' Galvanized  Rolled Top 
                  Rolled top safety edge helps to provide a safe environment for your children and pets. Medium gauge edging
                  works well for tight bends. Use heavy gauge edging for mild bends and straight edges.
Medium Gauge  $12.95 ea.      Heavy Gauge  $14.95 ea.
 Edging Pins  $0.45ea. 
Order 5 pins for each 10' of edging. 

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