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Bring a whole new look to your landscape
 using Mulch and Bark

 Use Mulch or Bark in perennial beds, around trees and shrubs, or in place of decorative rock to add a bright and colorful look to your landscaping.  Some of the many benefits of landscaping with Mulch or Bark include, easy installation, weed growth control, erosion control, soil moisture retention and temperature regulation ( this will protect the roots of your plants ), and there are many colors and styles to choose from.

                                                                                  Recycled Pine Mulch            
 Available in 2 colors, Red or Brown. This product is made from recycled wood Pallets. After the shredding process
            the mulch is colored with an environmentally safe dye. 
Colored mulch tends to hold it's color longer than most 
            natural mulches.  
      **Please note. While the recycling process removes most of the unwanted debris such as nails
           and plastic packaging some of the unwanted debris may remain and will need to be removed during installation.
Red  $36.95 per yard       Brown $36.95 per yard 

                                                   Western Red Cedar Mulch  $59.95 per yard
ibrous mulch made from shredded cedar. Rich golden brown color.  Will mat down to create a more wind resistant
                           cover than many other mulches. H
as a natural insect repelling property and a pleasant scent. 


                                                          Playground Chips      $39.95 per yard 
                                     3/4”- chipped pine mulch, blond color. Certified for use in public playgrounds.
                                                    Also a cost effective mulch for gardens and plant beds.

                                                       Mini-Bark            $59.95 per yard  ( Sorry we are temporarily Out of stock )
          Pine tree Bark and some shredded pine wood , attractive brown color, durable, natural finished look . Use mini-bark (pathway mulch) in flower beds and other delicate garden areas. Mini-bark will improve soil quality as it breaks down over time. 
 Mini-bark (3/8" Pathway mulch)

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