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A long dirt driveway or a short walkway, Road base is the answer for mud control.

    Road base is the material you need to control the mud and stabilize your driveway and parking areas. Road base is often laid down and compacted prior to the installation of concrete, asphalt, flagstone, pavers, ect. Road base resists washout and works well on driveways with slope. Class 6 Roadbase is made of 3/4" rock plus clay and fines. The rock provides a stable surface and the fines and clay provide a packed base.   If you have a new (unestablished) dirt road you might consider using some 1-1/2" or larger crushed rock or 1-1/2" to 3" Recycled dry screened concrete rock to stabilize the initial base prior to laying down Road base. A popular alternative to Road base is Recycled Asphalt Road base or Recycled Concrete Road base.  Recycled Asphalt Road base seems to pack down and control mud better than the other driveway choices.   

                                                                      Road base      $26.95 per ton
                                                                     High quality CDOT spec, 3/4" (class 6)      
 3/4" (class 6) Road base   

                                       Recycled Asphalt or Concrete Road base   $23.95 per ton 
   The best recycled Asphalt you will find anywhere. 
    Not just left over Roto-mill, this is premium Recycled
    Asphalt, ground and screened to 3/4" minus. . packs
    hard, a favorite for driveways
 and parking lots. 
       Crushed and Screened to 3/4" minus. Recycled
         concrete can be used in place of regular Road
         base.  Can be a bit dusty when dry.
 Recycled Asphalt Road base       Recycled Concrete Road base

Also called 3/8" minus crusher fines.  Use Breeze to make pathways and for filling the 
                                      gaps between flagstone and pavers.
  $39.95 per ton
Red Breeze
$39.95 per ton

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