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Sand box for the kids? A volleyball court ?   

    Masonry sand to Pea Gravel, DLS can bring you the quality
materials that will fit your needs.

                              Concrete Sand                                                        Masonrey Sand 
             Concrete Sand - A course grained washed sand
          designed for light concrete and stucco applications.
          Can also be used as an less expensive play box or 
          volleyball court sand or for the base material under
          pavers and flagstone.
            Masonrey Sand - A fine grained washed sand, 
         often referred to as Mason or Masons Sand because
         it's main use is to make brick  mortar. Similar to a
         beach sand, widely used in kids play box and volleyball
         courts. Can also be used under flagstone and pavers.
 Concrete Sand  $34.95 per ton  Masonry Sand $39.95 per ton 
                                     Pea Gravel                                                             Squeege 
         3/8" Washed Pea Gravel. Often used for dog runs
     and play ground areas, also used
  in select backfill
     situations, and as a drainage material
           Squeege - also known as pipe bedding. This
         extra course grained washed sand is used in
         select backfill situations, and as a drainage material.
         Can be mixed with salt for for ice control.
 Pea Gravel  $46.95 per ton Squeege  $34.95 per ton 

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