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Do you need to fill in a hole with dirt or
add topsoil to your garden or landscape?

DLS can provide the quality Topsoil or fill dirt that you are looking for.

                                                                Screened Top soil provides a good growing media
                                                                for most plants. Ground and Screened to 3/8"-.
                                                                fortification with compost is usually recommended.
 Screened Topsoil $44.95 per ton   
                                                                                                              Fill Dirt
    Screened fill dirt. Often used for finish grading. Not
    suitable for lawn or garden planting.
 Rough unprocessed fill dirt, has large clumps and rocks.
 Works well for filling in large holes or building birms.
 Screened Fill Dirt  $22.95 per ton   Basic Fill Dirt $19.95 per ton

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